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      Women Try A Customizable Bra

      We put the bra that is totally interchangeable to the test! Check out the Bra Lab: Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: …

      MakeupandDance 15

        On icarly they used to always mention build a bra and if build a bra was real I’d imagine it would be something like this.

        Erica Dash

          Where is Chloe’s shirt from 6:45

          brianna b.

            honestly the idea of one bra that you can customize for whatever outfit you're wearing actually seems way better than buying multiple types of bras! $58 for every style, or get: $20 push up $15 bralett $20 strapless $20 basic underwire = $75
            obviously if you like different styles sure, but it the custom one seems like a more budget friendly choice.

            Vaya Puchi

              There was a Alexis Texas ad?

              Brianna Lamb

                The one problem with this is…the minute you're past a 42D(or 42G…they're sizing chart I have a hard time following)band size or a 32I they don't have a bra that will fit you.


                  cool idea but super expensive for a bra

                  Evelyn Xie


                    Danielle Laffargue

                      Let me stop right here at 1:00 and say I have a bra where the straps can be taken off.. and they've undone themselves in the middle of the day!! Noooo!!


                        Ummm D'Vaughn you need to hook a girl up with that sweater tho….. just saying!

                        Ellie M

                          This looks useless for anyone with a sizeable chest. T looks so unsupportive and I can see it doesn’t fit these women properly.


                            I thought by custom each cup would be a different size depending on boob. This is just a dream set aside for the future.

                            Omq Jaylyn!

                              Can I make mine comfortable

                              Tessa Red

                                ITS BUILD A BRA!!!!!

                                William Wiest

                                  So I'm a guy and I've had a question

                                  Do girls wash their bras?

                                  Korinne Guthrie

                                    The holes must be for ventilation.

                                    julia Snakes

                                      I honestly don’t think bras are a inconvenience to every woman. I personally am so comfortable in an underwire bra and a push-up bra. To ones own you know?

                                      Sara Rothermel

                                        Possibly strange opinion:
                                        Honestly, it seems like a waste of money. There are bras like this that just come as one, and you can change it up (strapless, racerback, etc). You can literally get that kind of thing at like, Target.

                                        Miranda Stidham

                                          Ummm Chloe said she has never seen a bra without sides what about the Instagram bra video 😯🤔😏🧐

                                          Tracy Allen

                                            I think this bra is great for C cups and up and/or plus sized women (or men-I don’t judge). As a DD myself, I need that full coverage and support! Bralettes are super cute and look great but they don’t FEEL great for us bigger chested gals. Constantly having to adjust the “girls” because they like to do their own thing. Nope! Gimme the full coverage with underwire support and customizable straps/backs!

                                            Kia Kaneda

                                              Can only think of the fallout glowing ghoul after hearing "bada bing" I'm literally crying right now lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QID0VJKuX4

                                              Ambree K

                                                Omg….this. is. BuildABra. iCarly knewwww

                                                Pam_ edits_stuff

                                                  I need a bra where I can adjust the cup sizes individually because my right boob is pretty much a full two sizes bigger than my left therefore I have never been able to find a bra that stays comfortable or maintains shape for very long.

                                                  emily jay

                                                    They're affordable!! God I hope they ship international

                                                    Arvind Gupta



                                                        I think its a cool concept but I dont like the cup options, the backs and straps are cute but the cups only have like 3 styles and they dont seem that flattering or what I want in a bra, especially if this is your all in one bra.

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