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      Women Try $100 Workout Dresses

      “Yes sir. I’m doin’ it in a dress.” Dress from OutDoor Voices: Subscribe …


        Woaaaaahhh DuDdeeee

        Miss Minnie Morgan

          I wear a “workout” dress when I play tennis but not for gym, dancing or swimming – because it’s not intended for that! Also $100! I got a cute champion one from target last month for $30 and it’s awesome 🤷🏼‍♀️

          Maria Marcellino


            Rhf Awad

              No change and take a shower

              Imogen Rogers

                U girls killed that… u girls are badass ❤️❤️❤️

                Prickly Pickle

                  I liked these dresses but not for the price and wouldn’t wear them to the gym. I do like that it’s spendex. I would try it.
                  Also totally not related, Asian girl had the cutest smile…

                  Cole Toy

                    Not a huge fan of the pink but the green shade looks so beautiful on her skin tone

                    Rman Nayr

                      Some of these Dresses are better for tennis or dance!

                      Obito Uchiha

                        must smell pretty bad ewwwww

                        Lucélia Alves

                          I see a lot of people wearing that kind of dress (and I do too) but since I'm from Brazil, it's so hot here we're not that self conscious about the length, we're used to show a lot of skin kkk my concern is the price and well, I don't think anyone could feel comfortable using the same clothes you worked out… so, we usually wear the dress through the day, work out at night and go straight back home to have a good shower

                          Ivan Avila

                            This dress feels like your everyday women's tennis apparel…


                              I think this is just a thick girl problem

                              zen mami

                                Why do people say "i die"


                                  The one in the green dress looks REALLY good in that shade of green, it really flatters her skin tone!!!


                                    So at the beginning there is a guy in the backround and at 1:48 it's the same dude but blurred

                                    Cicely Smith

                                      Speaking from a hygiene prospective, it’s disgusting. You need to shower and wear clean clothes.


                                        Who’s at 4:33? I love them

                                        Pamela Hayes

                                          This is so dramatic! It's not like a real dress, it has shorts under it, so they're NOT "showing their vagina to the world". Smh

                                          Mikaela A

                                            honestly i love these videos, but i would love to see more trans and non-binary inclusive content. You don't have to be a woman to wear a dress, and it's also important for trans women and nonbinary folks to see themselves represented in this community

                                            Gillian Tackett

                                              This ain't for the gym y'all. You really missed it lol

                                              L P

                                                You still should have washed it … gross. 👎

                                                Moose Marmalade


                                                  Ana Fdez

                                                    This is just… NO


                                                      why do i find the term 'workout dress' so hilarious?

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