Women Try 5 Most Popular Matte Lipsticks From Sephora

Main Women Try 5 Most Popular Matte Lipsticks From Sephora

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      Women Try 5 Most Popular Matte Lipsticks From Sephora

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      Danica Mangaoang

        Every time they said doe foot ugh I want to exit

        Toxic Traitor

          Kant Vaccinate Demkids? Honey, no…

          Tiara De Silva

            saw Kat Von D, wrote this comment, left.

            ꧁Ms Wilson꧂

              Hot tip for Megan; the more you pump the applicator in and out the quicker it dries out and the more bacteria that gets in.
              You two girls do such an entertaining and thorough review. 😍

              Edit. Nooooooo, not Kat Von D. 🙁

              Niviaaluk Brandt

                Do some other brands! Not just from safora! JEFFREE STAR PRODUCTS PLEASE

                Samantha V

                  Idk why I’m still subbed

                  Marina Rosa

                    Kat Von Doesn't Vaccinate Her Kids

                    Lintu Uchiha

                      This whole video is a mess. Calling all applicators a doe foot is wrong, not all of these are matte lipsticks- there's stains and lip creams. Plus supporting an anti-vaxxer and nazi? Who edits this and approves it? Prob another anti vaxxer. You guys are supposed to know what you are doing but can't even choose 5 actually matte lipsticks?


                        I don't really get it… When their favourite brand came, they totally ignored that nearly everything was negative about it… so where's the point of this video?

                        Sanjna Iyer

                          Kat Von Who?😝


                            Who Stans antivaxx von d anymore.

                            Angela McMichael

                              But y'all support a man that called black women gorillas.

                              Ryan Fratz

                                not every applicator is a doe foot lmao

                                Elise Criqui

                                  The Tarte liquid lipstick is surprisingly amazing. (Tarte is a good brand but their staying power with eyeshadow and foundation is kinda mediocre. But the liquid lipstick is awesome)

                                  Just Me

                                    You are comparing lip stains and lipsticks. Different products. It's like comparing eye liner and eye shadow just because both go on the eyes.


                                      This video could have been helpful three-four years ago 🤣 this channel should just skip beauty videos all together.


                                        Did she really just say kat von d is cost effective???? 🤣

                                        Kimberly Hines

                                          Did anyone else realize that they just went in order for worst to best

                                          Angel Nice

                                            I have used the red for over a year. Love it. People always ask what it is and I say the applicator is worth trying it. 🙂


                                              Fenty is my favoriteeeee, fck! KVD lol

                                              Gisselle Rodriguez

                                                From Sephora: hourglass liquid lip; Still Liquid lip; too faced liquid lip; tarte liquid lip. You all should do a drugstore version with the following brands, Maybelline superstay ink liquid lip; covergirl liquid lip; Elf Liquid Matte lip; Milani matte Liquid Lipstick; Wet N Wild liquid catsuit matte lipstick; Physicians Formula liquid Lipsticks

                                                Brenna R

                                                  Jeffree Star Cosmetics is the best liquid lipstick. Hands down.

                                                  Veronica Medina

                                                    Can you rank the best drug store ones? I like Wet n Wild liquid matte.

                                                    Ange N.O.

                                                      "All the Chris' of Hollywood"

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