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      Women Try A One Size Fits All Wedding Dress

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      Shay Coleman

        i have this dress in purple…. and it was a lot cheaper 😮

        Crazy Threes

          brandy melville left the chat

          Georgia Newell

            Why is that one thirty year old dressed like a teenager??

            Casey Danielle

              Piper Chapman?

              Savannah Rochelle

                We have seen this dress in this EXACT style sooo many times on this channel (and on Ladylike) please PLEASE wear/do something else


                  More like 2 sizes fits all.


                    That girls boobs are SUPPER saggy. It’s not that attractive in that dress


                      Congratulations Nina


                        I’m sure they’ve used the same wrap dress in a different colour in a different video?? Or am I imagining things??

                        Ricki -Lee

                          One size fits all should be renamed to one size fits all shapes. Because they're all generally the same size but have weight placed on different parts of their bodies. Cause one size fits all is disappointing, uninclusive and total bs


                            Can Jazz get an attitude check? Plus…she didn't have to throw the dress on the floor. Others had to try it on. Sometimes she can be rude when it comes to these clothing videos. If she's going to be like that, then don't include her.

                            cheyenne hall

                              I feel like there’s a one size fits all smaller bodies and a one size fits all plus size version

                              Desi Pfander

                                I have a blouse that is one size fits all and im a 4x. Its a shirt on me and dress on someone normal sized.

                                Lisa M

                                  Let me guess…the busty chick complains it's too small in the bust, the skinny chicks look okay but complain anyway and the big girls go braless and act surprised that the dress doesn't work for them. SAME thing happens every
                                  time they make a version of this video concept. Absolutely inane video.

                                  Tenaya Johnson

                                    Got the same dress from Etsy for $60 dollars. 6 Bridesmaids sizes 0-22 heights 5’0-5’11. Was a one size fits all and it did. Also the dresses fit each girl perfectly. And all were wrapped differently.

                                    CC McCullough

                                      5:56 @ brandy Melville

                                      kirsten batchelor

                                        Also a lot of the time I could only think Marilyn Monroe’s dress, the iconic white one, just longer. Not really a wedding dress


                                          Do… people actually spend $400 on this for their wedding??

                                          Robin Hernandez

                                            Congrats Nina!

                                            freya hatfield

                                              Is this the cast of oitnb?

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