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      Women Try Amazon Bridesmaid Dresses

      Would I wear this? You know, if my sister made me. Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

      Teague Phillips

        Yoooo I deadass wore the sequined one they said looked like a prom dress to prom. 😂

        Cerridwen Kaiding

          Lindsey’s second dress makes me think of like 2010, Taylor Swift was everything, and if the popular football player asked you to the football homecoming dance so he wore his jersey and you picked out the cutest dress you could find and wore cowboy boots because you are also wearing the dress to the football game in small town southern America. THAT is what that second dress makes me think 😂

          Tarney Robinson

            We all like to see your boobs Quality content

            Cherry Blossom

              The dress that could be tied many ways is an infinity dress. I’ve actually worn one, and they’re great!


                I’m really getting over Lindsey. Her snob attitude is really making me like her less and less

                Rhea Knight

                  Listen man Joyce need to get her hair situation together man


                    Anyone else think of 27 dresses?

                    lee bags

                      Joyce always looks a hot mess and needs help

                      Kieran Eizabeth

                        someone needs to cuff lindsay she's so pretty and does NOT deserve to be single

                        Cassandra Bilonta

                          I actually have the rose gold dress I was a bridesmaid for my sister-inlaw's wedding. It was actually really comfortable. There was some fabric under the arm so it wasn't painful from rubbing lol.

                          Real Talk

                            Lol I paid for my bridesmaids dresses and they still gave attitude 🙄 one even asked me to work around HER schedule for my rehearsal dinner.

                            Tea Tune

                              Lindsey cut her hair ☹️

                              Gee x

                                If the bride chooses the dress for you do they usually pay for it?

                                Crissy Knoxbest

                                  I'm still afraid to buy clothing from Amazon 😅 plus it's such a waste of time, searching thousands and thousands of items, then reading all the reviews too much for so little 🤷‍♀️

                                  Crystal Flannery

                                    Yes Lindsey Yes that red dress yes!

                                    Keira Sabbagh

                                      Nobody :

                                      Jasmine: yea it’s dense like me

                                      Lol I was laughing so hard

                                      Allies Beauty and Health Channel

                                        I love Amazon for affordable dresses for events plus I hate shopping so it's a win/win. But it does help to be small. When I was heavy, years ago, it wasn't quite as easy.

                                        Kidedaion Symoti

                                          I love the second dress, skin color. It's beautiful.

                                          Cletus-boy Astaroth

                                            “Dense, like me”
                                            Truth sister

                                            Sarah Khadrane

                                              Joyce: It’s thick and dense. Like me😂😂

                                              Freya is a Yandere

                                                Don't you meet up with the bride and discuss the dress code as a group? If not, you really should? She's not the best person if she refuses that idea. Also, why did they put up lemons when she said "bitter"? Lemons are sour. Everyone knows that.

                                                Jenna L

                                                  We had very similar dresses to the blue ones and it came with an extra bandeau to help with the back exposure. It was a great dress for four girls ranging from size 2 – 14.

                                                  Trent_the_Triceratops Cynara Ciraulo

                                                    I bought an absolutely amazing formal dress from amazon. I needed to get it altered but it was a corset back, long, pink, and floral….. like it was gorgeous I got so many compliments on it. It was also only about 60$ and took about 30$ of alterations. I call that a win especially since I go to formals way to often and know that dress prices can be insane. Yet since I go to them so often (at least once a year I think the most was 4 in 6 months), I shop when the prices are good. I seriously fell in love with this one dress and I waited FOREVER for it to go on sale, I saw it in January and bought it in May. Original price was 350$ I ended up spending 70$ on it, seriously best dress ever. I love it more than my wedding dress lol

                                                    Blue-ish Blueberry


                                                      Was-a-fan usa

                                                        Lindsey looked better with longer hair.

                                                        Millie Ember

                                                          ”I could make this myself for FREE.99!”
                                                          I died 😂😂😂

                                                          Hair Care And Share

                                                            Someone tell that lady to get new foundation

                                                            Lee- MusicLover

                                                              lindsey is being such a snob in this video hehe whats up with that?

                                                              V R

                                                                I feel like they do this video every 6 months 🤔

                                                                Teal Chastain

                                                                  Why would you pick a dress that made your bridesmaids look like tuberculosis victims?!


                                                                    Is it weird that my only problem with this video is that lemons are acidic, not bitter?


                                                                      Lindsey cheer up. If you're wearing something for a friend's wedding, it's OK, just wear it. Be happy for them. It's just one day of your life.

                                                                      Re w

                                                                        Joyce I love you soooo much…but please the hair. I really hope this doesn’t sound mean. No hate just opinion 🙏🏽

                                                                        Super Chis

                                                                          im happy i have one person (my maid of honor) and its a very simple wedding. we are having a build your own taco bar,no booze,and no dancing (its a lunch reception at like 2pm). so when i told her what i wanted she went hunting and so did i. i ended up changing my mind 500 times about the color and the length and the style and everything. by the end of it she showed me a black dress she had and it was perfect enough for me. at the end i said make it black and comfortable enough for you. she said if i happen to change my mind then thats ok. she knows i have the famous libra indecisivness and shes also known me since grade 3.


                                                                            I let my bridesmaids choose their own dresses and color. One of them showed up in a $30 forever21 dress that you couldnt even get into a formal dance in. Then she asked if I was going to refund her. She also refused to do the bride and bridesmaid dance even though we talked about it for a year. She said she didnt read the text messages and then said she thought I wasnt serious. I am not her friend anymore. 😑

                                                                            noémi b

                                                                              1:20 joyce causally fixing her wig like… queen haha

                                                                              Sierra Torres

                                                                                Joyce is so annoying and i kept starring at her awful hair

                                                                                Gabi B

                                                                                  Joyce is great but her wig is not. It needs some TLC real bad.

                                                                                  Anjel –

                                                                                    I'm so happy this is a US thing, we have maid of honour and best man, but they can choose themselves what to wear.

                                                                                    lauren smith

                                                                                      Single pringal

                                                                                      Nothankyou Bro

                                                                                        Why would nobody tell her to brush her hair?

                                                                                        WWEastan 1

                                                                                          I saw a couple last night taking their wedding photos with their bridesmades and they had on beautiful dresses but then ruined the look with holographic fanny packs and (in my opinion)was not the best choice for pictures

                                                                                          Maya Ryan

                                                                                            Can we just talk about how none of the colors are the same as the picture

                                                                                            Cristina Frank

                                                                                              I only had my Matron of Honor, and just asked her to wear a black dress. I let her wear aviators too, because she had scratched her cornea that night before! #VegasWedding

                                                                                              Kenza Smouni

                                                                                                I swear how they rock everything with a smile… they make me feel very confident bout my body

                                                                                                Arlene Dilawari

                                                                                                  The add before this was a BEER AD (keep that in mind) and the guy like drinking it or looked LIKE THE TWIN OF EUGENE FROM THE TRY GUYS. BEFORE A LADYLIKE OR BUZZFEED VIDEO AND IT WAS SPONSORING BEER AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

                                                                                                  Anonymous Guy_2

                                                                                                    Why do they get one size for everyone and complain about it not fitting?



                                                                                                      Niki NikiNiki

                                                                                                        The blonde girl is so negative 🙄 everything out of her mouth is something bad.

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