Women Try Doing Their Makeup in Alphabetical Order

Main Women Try Doing Their Makeup in Alphabetical Order

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      Women Try Doing Their Makeup in Alphabetical Order

      “Primer at the end… I can work my way around all of it except that!” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series …

      excuse me ummm thankyou,next

        Lip balm


          Jazz and Megan are on whole different moods here , Jazz seems like she just wants to get this over with and Megan seems hyped up about everything 😂😂😂

          Evie Jynx

            Megan is annoying

            puppiesandcherries 12345

              Happy pride month and you guys are funny and so happy

              Elizabeth Moore

                My routine:
                1: Cleanser
                2: Wash face
                3: Done


                Teal Chastain

                  Megan gets on my nerves, abd I'm not sure why. 😐


                    Should have stacked the deck – blush used to be called rouge, foundation was called cover up in the 80's

                    Niss Zb

                      Jazz is such a mood

                      Boop Doop

                        People are saying Jazz seemed annoyed but I don't think so. Jazz normally seems indifferent to most things and to the fair Megan was answering questions Jazz was asking so I don't know why people think she was annoyed. And someone said Megan was talking too much but it's…a video sooo…and Jazz clearly isn't as clinical with her makeup so Megan took the lead.

                        Anonima World 2

                          My makeup routine
                          Clean face
                          Translucent Powder

                          kait layne

                            “my routine is pretty short. just 20 minutes” uhh that’s like my glam look time 😅


                              I love Megan :3

                              Ingrid Cecile Haagenrud Nordby

                                Bronzer and contur is not the same at all…. And a tip is to do cream makeup before powder products….

                                Nicki Bish

                                  Anyone else hear “ I’m naked” “ I’m jazzmyne”

                                  Molly’s Stuff

                                    Jazzmyne was NOT feeling it lmao

                                    Gabriella B.

                                      You could of said face primer and been able to do it before foundation

                                      Lorenzo Aparicio

                                        Let’s see is Megan gonna cheat in this challenge again

                                        LAZY IDIOT

                                          We shouldn't feel only confident while wearing makeup woman are beautiful the way the are so feel beautiful the way you are.

                                          HappyRainbowsForme TOO

                                            Jazz rocks black lips

                                            Comical Wolfie

                                              MAKEUP is CRUSTY and I REFUUUUUUSE to use it!

                                              cloudy’s audio

                                                Is it just me, or does Megan kind of have a James Charles face shape?


                                                  Megan your hair is amazing 😍💕

                                                  SVT Carat

                                                    0:00 "I'm naked"

                                                    _millz korinna_

                                                      U could have used spray primer that also sets

                                                      Elysia Charlotte Cartwright

                                                        Is it just me or does Megan have a hickey

                                                        YDR HRNDZ

                                                          Megan is so annoying

                                                          Valerie Abigail

                                                            Okay but they could have used creams for the bronzer and blush and a facial spray for both priming and setting

                                                            Kennedy B

                                                              Jazzmyne is such a beauty. I just wanna be her friend

                                                              jon smith

                                                                Primer spray

                                                                Two Toned

                                                                  The one on the right talks too damn much.

                                                                  Cathrina Andrus

                                                                    Loving those watermelon fans! ♡


                                                                      anyone else clicked bc i wanted to know what a was

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