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      Women Try The Best Concealers For Oily Skin

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      Nicole Johnston

        What oily skin? They looked normal to me. Next time bring me on the channel and my oily skin will really challenge those brands. 😥

        Ally Baby

          10mill followers and y’all can’t afford four beauty blenders?

          L Lane

            Thank you:!!!! For the new girls. New opinions. 👍🏼 so tired of the old as is girls.

              Banesa Saray

                Guys I just uploaded my very first video to YouTube! 😩💕 Please go check it out!

                Kacti Triplett

                  I feel like there should be one person over this page that knows more about makeup. If given blenders things would work better.


                    Emily looks like if Gabbie Hanna and JennxPenn had a baby

                    Margy dasBombe

                      Edit out next time some moron says how they actually believe whatever the internet tells them – joke or not it’s just cringy. And have people that actually know how to use makeup. Y’alls videos get more trash every upload ☠️👎👎👎

                      deadly nightshade

                        the girl using pro glow looked like gabbie hannah when she wasn’t wearing glasses

                        burning pooper

                          They're using these girls cause they pretty much fired all the good ones 💀

                          Rebecca Wells

                            I use the Pro-glow under my eyes and I freaking love it! The best concealer choice I’ve ever made.

                            everythingKoreanPop87 *

                              Can you guys do the best concealer for dry skin?

                              Vivian Punchak

                                Emily looks like gabbi hanna

                                Janelle Kathleen

                                  Sorry if this question somewhat comes out rude but…

                                  Who else doesn’t recognize these buzz feeders? Are these guys new?

                                  Arianna Oistad

                                    Ummm but my t zone is like texas

                                    Megan Itara

                                      Why did no one give these girls any sponges..? It doesn't really help your oily skin to blend with your oily fingers…

                                      Dianathe Dinosaur

                                        I have the L'Oreal pro glow concealer and I have oily skin and its soooo good

                                        L P

                                          This is embarrassing to watch . It’s like none of them have ever applied makeup before. 🤦‍♀️


                                            I hate these kinds of videos cuz there's no control group. I wish they would do a day without the product so we can see just how oily or whatever they are on a daily basis. It would help cuz I've used that loreal before and it didn't work much for me

                                            Anni A

                                              Imagine, they broke into Jefree Stars warehouse and Stole the concealer just to use it and, they covered the name.

                                              Eva Para

                                                Finally something I can 100% relate too. Combination/oily skin is intolerable, especially when you have to wear glasses 🤓 the grease goes everywhere 😭


                                                  Did anyone ever see the brushes legit in front of them cause I did

                                                  Unhealthy Obession

                                                    This is thry replaced they ppl they cut of Buzzfeed with?

                                                    Emma Dums

                                                      I really wish there was more focus on cruelty free products in the media, there are so many better options.

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