Women Try Ulta's Best Selling Lipsticks

Main Women Try Ulta's Best Selling Lipsticks

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      Women Try Ulta's Best Selling Lipsticks

      “You look really moisturized and dewey.” Get the lipsticks here: IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush

      Mikoto Chenmai


        Jayden Miles

          Seems like buzzfeed isn’t performing as well as usual… 4K likes in a day? Yikes.


            we really miss serlom and Chrissy y'all

            Matthew Wilson

              So happy to see Chrissy!!! She’s so pretty.

              leafy green foots

                I believe that selorm and the producer singing pretty women was the best part of this video

                Kathleen Bacon

                  Miel/Miele= honey
                  In French, Italian and Spanish

                  Black Daria

                    The blonde looks like Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel. Cool.

                    Katia J

                      The blonde girl (idk her name sorry) looks soooo much like Brie Larson

                      Lily Snape

                        1:32 thank me later!
                        That voice tho!

                        Sammi D

                          What was the thought process in picking the shades for the darker girls?


                            4:43 "It's free real estate"

                            Unicorngang 123

                              So we're just gonna forget about bogus beauty 😫😫

                              Dinda Roossa

                                Man i love chrissy’s blunt but funny comments 😂

                                Miss Galaxie

                                  "Miel" means honey in english.


                                    Omg I love Chrissy, she’s finally back. GIVE US MORE CHRISSY

                                    Gemma Sherman

                                      “Children stick”


                                        Colourpop lipsticks are where it's at!

                                        Jessica Hudson

                                          Omg lol “mine is made up word to miel “ lol no sweetie it’s Spanish 😂 for honey 🍯

                                          lindsay lohan

                                            Spenser looks like Piper from Orange is the New Black

                                            Kayla Kittens

                                              I don’t like the one in the green hat, she’s really annoying and goes on too much x


                                                "mine is a made up word too…miel." THAT MEANS HONEY IN SPANISH 😂😂😂


                                                  ummm you know there are other languages than English right?… just because you do not know them doesn't mean they don't exist… ignorant as always.


                                                    please do trying miss a makeup

                                                    Ruthy Bap

                                                      ‘Made up words’ no, honey, they’re just in a different language. Ah America, land of millennials lacking basic knowledge about other countries.

                                                      Jordyn Harmon

                                                        Selorm has PERFECT lips.

                                                        Chris Munoz

                                                          They do realize there are different types of matte right?


                                                            Yay Selorm and Chrissy!!! My favourite as/is duo!!!

                                                            victor nikiforov27

                                                              Pretty women walking down the street pretty women a kind I'd like to meet

                                                            Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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