Women Try Wedding Dresses From Poshmark

Main Women Try Wedding Dresses From Poshmark

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      Women Try Wedding Dresses From Poshmark

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      Charlotte McLeod

        I find it odd how they think second hand wedding dresses are weird, everybody in my family has always had second hand dresses for their wedding.

        Hannah Stahl

          2:57 is when they finally start trying it on

          katey The Greaty

            "Let's all go to the club in our wedding dresses" meeee

            Lilie Johnson

              literally coping safiyas video. they gonna copy her wedding too? 😂


                The last one was actually so pretty


                  A very fun vodeo, but… HEY, producer / director!! Show us the whole dress in one frame, for gosh sake. It can't be that hard to back up a bit or use a shorter lens.

                  juan santana

                    This body’s, didn’t help 😑😑😑😑

                    Kimmy Howell

                      Whenever i see Joyce i always sing the "build a boo with Joyce" song

                      Opal Sky

                        Buying a used dress doesn’t make it less personal!! Even if someone else wore it, they’re done with it and you still chose it! It’s still YOUR dress. It’s more economical and environmentally friendly to purchase thrifted clothing. If you absolutely must have a brand new wedding dress that’s a personal choice but you’ll only wear the dress once! Fast fashion creates waste and poor working conditions. Even if the price tag might disagree, as long as it’s still in good shape then a used dress doesn’t have any less value than a brand new dress. There are so many thrifty clothing store options now. Maybe you can find something you never expected to find. Just because something is out of season on the runway doesn’t mean it’s less stylish. Style is something that YOU create. Just something to consider.

                        Lauren Schlepp

                          It's so funny cuz I'm watching this video on the day of my friend's wedding!

                          Lauren Schlepp

                            huh? I feel the whole culture around wedding dresses is to go to a shop and try on.

                            Nina Film

                              I see Joyce, I click. SIMP

                              Poonam Agarwal

                                They look very bad

                                Skai and Me

                                  " I'm not a blushing bride, I'm a cussing bride " Bruh if that ain't the truth😂😂

                                  Ariel Pippin

                                    Use a wider shot when trying to show us outfits 🙄

                                    Mina D

                                      The lighting, setting, and camerawork for this video was not it….

                                      Maja Mro

                                        anyone wanna be youtube friends?

                                        Lisa M

                                          Always the same thing, they have no style and mo idea how to pick clothes that would look good on them. Love Nina but she always picks stuff that is too tight at the chest or allows her breasts to droop. Joyce always picks unflattering looks. Get a decent bra and shape wear if you want to look good on a special day. And how about Buzzfeed brings in someone who can actually help them look good in a wedding dress???

                                          Samantha Hill

                                            I got my Wedding dress from Poshmark and it was the best decision I made but I spent more then $200 😂

                                            Peyton Dudra

                                              Dude, I’m outed. I bought my wedding dress on Poshmark for $50 and I love it! 💕

                                              Amanda F.

                                                More of these three in videos, please!
                                                Congrats, Nina!

                                                Samantha Phillips

                                                  Joyce !!!!! Is everything ❤️

                                                  Eena B

                                                    Congratulations Nina!!! 😊 🎉


                                                      "I'm not a blushing bride, I'm a cussin' bride" I love Joyce


                                                        Congrats, Nina! 💛

                                                        Amanda Bentes

                                                          joyce is one of my favorite people on earth

                                                          Jillian Schultz

                                                            Why in all of these try-on videos, they never have the camera out far enough to see the whole outfit at once??

                                                            Patiee 08

                                                              Joyce is not attractive.. like at all but her confidence is on point.

                                                              Kathiuus Gallardo

                                                                Para qué 'muestran' como ven los vestidos por internet si lo van a tapar? que estupidez


                                                                  these were all awful

                                                                  Aadaysha Houston

                                                                    She called the wedding Vail a sheet 💀

                                                                    Darla Beese

                                                                      Wow very interesting! I'm beginning to really enjoy your videos. Some of them really crack me up others are like yet I've been there done that.

                                                                      Chelley’s Vlogs

                                                                        These videos are great time wasters.

                                                                        Check out my bullying storytime if you’re bored.

                                                                        Lucy Williamson

                                                                          Wow…such pretty dresses! I don't even know what they look like!

                                                                          Katie Sparks

                                                                            Review poshmark make up please!!!

                                                                            Makeup & Sarcasm

                                                                              The first dress was horrid the second was awful and the third was …..a thing that happened. None of them were for a wedding. What we learned: don't buy your wedding dress online…it won't work.


                                                                                that friends reference though- awesome!


                                                                                  Happy engagement!!!

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