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      YELLOW TONES | Makeup Tutorial / Random Rambles (fear, hawaii, new foundation)

      Hey, Guys! (Watch IN HD) I wanted to film a makeup tutorial on the look you guys requested (the look I was wearing in my fenty foundation review video) I hope …


        I promise I finished editing this video hours and hours ago! But final cut kept trying to play me!!! But it’s finally here!!! You guys requested this look! I hope you enjoy it!! I mixed in some random rambles in there as well lmao. I love you guys! Xoxo

        Sally Cain

          I hope this doesn’t come off as patronising, but bless you hun for getting so emotional. You are so right about challenging ourselves and growing and changing. I am in my late forties and I am the product of my life experiences, good and bad and I hope I continue to grow every day x

          The Little Maldo’s

            My favorite… minute 14:58 😂
            I have done that so much … you left it in the video! Love it! 👏

            Lexie Lauryn Heiny

              We dont mind if you bumbard your feed with the jaded palette, we really don't mind! It's your palette, show it off. And BTW I'm loving using mine💜💜💜

              teresa williams

                Lyrics from Dave Matthews that made me think of everything you were talking about; the fear and not doing things in your lifetime:

                I can't believe that we would lie in our graves, wondering if we had spent our living days well

                I can't believe that we would lie in our graves
                Dreaming of things that we might have been

                Amela Vejzovic

                  im obsessed with your videos and YOU! your smile is so contagious and i just love youuu! keep your chin up, you are succeeding!

                  Misty Hinds

                    Have someone u really trust moderate your comment section. They will delete EVERY NON-productive negative comment. Then u can feel calmer about reading them, because it is NOT fair that there is NO interaction with your subscribers in your comment section.

                    Emily Espin

                      Please do more looks so that I can follow once I buy the palette!! Please and thank you, you’re the best!!!!

                      Terry Guevara

                        Omg I’m gonna have to watch that movie realizing I’m the only person who hasn’t seen it


                          Would you consider going to Paris, now that you've experienced 10 hours on a plane? (If I remember correctly, Paris is one of your favourite places that you want to visit, at least it was when you created Point Zero with Colourpop hahah)

                          Anastasia Ulyanitzkiy

                            I love love this mustard-honey vibe, perfect for fall.

                            Irene Von Borstel

                              Kathleen! Did you see they’re coming out with that new heart shaped foundation brush you like to use! I thought of you when I saw it lil

                              Cristy L

                                Pero like why does every eye shadow look so good on you? I'll tell you why, cause you're so beautiful Kathleen!

                                Jay Fashempour

                                  I totally understand what you’re saying. I started traveling the world about 4 years ago and it has changed me. It’s so amazing to see other cultures. I truly believe traveling opens your mind and makes you are more understanding and excepting person. I cried when I saw Hallstatt in Austria and the pyramids in Egypt!

                                  Marissa F

                                    those earrings are my life. pls give them to me. thanks

                                    Criselle Alop

                                      i am OBSESSED with those earrings! I thought they were Xio so I didn’t have to wait for them to release 😤

                                      Marissa F

                                        you always know what to say 😭 love u lots

                                        Tory Elaine

                                          Kathleen, i can’t tell you how much i needed to hear your talk about fear and pushing yourself today. This is why i freaking love watching you 💛

                                          Sarah Gaydos

                                            hi kathleen ❤️❤️ do you have any aquarius inspired tattoos?? i want to get one and i’d love some inspo!♒️😘

                                            Katie Snyder

                                              I live in the middle of Ohio and it's crazy to me that some people have never seen Orion's belt before!! Just shows that you can take the stuff that you're used to for granted.

                                              Perla Hernandez

                                                Yes to that lip color with the eye look💛💛

                                                Blyth B

                                                  We want ALL the Jaded looks!!

                                                  Diana Puspasari

                                                    Kathleen or anyone care to tell me what brush she use to blend out her concealer?

                                                    Andrea Del Carmen

                                                      Love these videos- they nurture my soul. Happy crying with you.

                                                      Karen Mitchell

                                                        The more So Jaded tutorials the better!

                                                        Sandra Duarte

                                                          My bucket list:
                                                          Meeting Kathleen some day 😭💛

                                                          Gloria Baeza

                                                            I know you keep promising us that youll get "better" but honestly to me you are perfect, either you upload videos 3 times a week or once every 2 weeks i know that i will enjoy it no matter what because i really do love and enjoy your videos i never get bored of hearing you talk and that is because you are a genuine person and i admire you a lot..obvi i would love to watch you everyday but i know that life happens its normal so please stop feeling bad for not uploading as much or as often as you would like, you already push yourself enough to be able to upload as much as you do…those people that leave you negative comments are not really here for you..nobody that really loves you and your videos should pressure you to upload more i said i really enjoy your videos and you inspire me soo much…you never dissapoint me..take your time girl well be here waiting patiently for the next time you get to upload, its ok we you kathleen! 😚😘

                                                            Nadia Exama

                                                              Damn it Kathleen! I wasn't going to do it but you finally got me. I just bought it… I know it'll be amaze but I ain't supposed to be spending money on makeup lololol! Love you!

                                                              Ashley Shackelford

                                                                Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for this video. Everything you talked about with fear is exactly what I needed to hear today. I started grad school about a year ago, but this semester is the most difficult so far. To the point where all I want to do is curl up in a ball on my couch and watch boy meets world. So I really needed to hear this today.
                                                                On the off chance you see this, I just wanted to say thank you.

                                                                Julieta Ruiz

                                                                  I get emotional seeing you this happy, I'm so proud of you facing your fear to planes!!! I love you


                                                                    Kathleen: ~raves about foundation/tinted moisturizer/cc cream
                                                                    Also Kathleen: i cant tell you what it is

                                                                    Leddy FM

                                                                      Nothing but So Jaded looks? I don’t see a problem with that 🤷🏽‍♀️👍🏾

                                                                      Ariana Manzi

                                                                        I really needed this video today you have no idea. I’m traveling to Hawaii in 10 days and I’m excited but I am so scared to fly always I have the worst anxiety and fears but my cousin is getting married so I am pushing myself. And honestly this made me feel so much better about this. ❤️


                                                                          No coconut water doesn't break me out like cocunut oil is really bad for me..ouch w/zits, after coco oil


                                                                            Ok Kat make the next scary thing in your list to experience, a meet and greet in Tampa 🙏🏻 I really would love to meet you 😫 This is in my bucket list 🙏🏻

                                                                            Lillie Palmer

                                                                              I honestly don't get why people would say negative things about Kat. Kathleen you are my favorite beauty youtuber of all time I absolutely love you. I'm always so excited to see that you uploaded a new video. <3

                                                                              Rebecca Busic

                                                                                You need to go to Kauai next! It’s such a magical island!

                                                                                emma barrera

                                                                                  I’m Pisces & officially started tearing up with you YAS #Empathetic #tomuchcoffee

                                                                                  Rebecca Busic

                                                                                    Awww tuck everlasting is such a sweet movie!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                    Victoria Journey

                                                                                      I needed this video so much right now. Timing is everything. Thank you for speaking of fear and making me feel that I’m not alone. Love you Kathleen!

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