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      Yes, I AM the Flamingo

      You called it! #TheMaskedSinger _ SUBSCRIBE: _ FOLLOW ALL THINGS ADRIENNE: Facebook: …

      Destinee Rosario

        footlose gave it away and ur #1 cclue package i knew it was you


          You did an amazing job! “Never Enough” was a SMASH! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

          virginia mendez

            I just love your voice ❤️ Your voice gives me chills !!! I just love you period

            Jordan Nicole

              I would never forget that voice! Especially growing up listening to 3LW 💕💕🥰

              Jessica Vasquez

                I literally screamed to my whole family that it was you DURING THE PREVIEWS lmao

                Steve Medinas


                  Joslin Lonné

                    Sooo this does mean that you’re finally gonna release some music now right?…I’ve always loved your voice & it’s WAYY too amazing to just be heard in your shower!❤️❤️❤️

                    Daniela Aldana

                      Alot of us knew since day one

                      Cyn Topia

                        We all knew it was you girl. But I’ll pretend to be shocked lol

                        ooh Kalanzi

                          You were wonderful on the masked singer Adrienne💛💛💛

                          Samoy B

                            I knew you were it !!! Kept telling people but nobody believes me 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂😂


                              I didn’t know it was you until the second episode and then I heard your tone and knew it was you without a doubt. You did amazing! I got emotional towards the end because I knew you were slowly regaining your confidence. Don’t lose it, you have such a powerful and beautiful voice! ❤️

                              Alexandra Rubio

                                I just finished watching your performances and OMG that was amazing! I cried, I laughed I smiled! you were unbelievable don’t ever doubt yourself ❤️


                                  We knew girl, it wasn’t a secret

                                  Danitra W

                                    Who didn't guess that I mean no there guess with the voice and clues all added up to you.

                                    Shell Bradshaw

                                      I knew it was u!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                      Daniela Achury

                                        Don’t call it lying. You’re an actress, you were just acting like you were not the flamingo. And girl what makes your voice AMAZING is that is different and it stands out. That’s what make you a wonderful singer, the uniqueness of your voice!!! BE PROUD because I wish I had your voice A. I’m not tripping I’m being very honest, the uniqueness of your voice made me fall in love with your talent since the cheetah girls (because back in Colombia 🇨🇴 I did not have knowledge about 3LW)


                                          So you lied on the REAL…you said it wasnt you on the show…so you were not real i guess…you should have at least not talk about it on the REAL instead of lying on the show.

                                          Daniela Achury

                                            Wearing hot pink! You don’t have to wear the head to look like a gracious flame-ngo 🔥 🌸🌺🌷 😜

                                            Kelly Hurlock

                                              Girl, the thing you hate about your voice is the thing I love! I jumped for joy the second I heard you open your mouth, your voice is very unique… but it’s beautiful, and so powerful, and so diverse. You can sing pretty much anything and have me wanting more. I’ve loved you personally since before the cheetah girls, loved the cheetah girls, and still love your voice. You’ll always be one of my favorite singers.i guessed you and raven right almost instantly. I was honestly so sure it was you, and so HAPPY it was you, that if I wasn’t I was going to be pissed and give up 😂

                                              Antonio sifuentes

                                                Knew it

                                                The Journey

                                                  Drop the mask and give us a fr fr album youre the bomb we knew it was you from day one

                                                  Ayesha Zaheer

                                                    She looks soo beautiful without makeup. Stunning!😍😍😍

                                                    Grace D

                                                      You are a great singer
                                                      Please don't hide your light under a bushel

                                                      Trebor_ V

                                                        First of all we love your voice now let’s hear it boo.

                                                        Ams Tyquiengco

                                                          👏🏽 So so proud of you Adrienne!!!! You go girl!!!! Flamingo vibes forever!!! 🦩

                                                          Sanju Sathyadas

                                                            Fabulous Amigo..:)

                                                            Charlie Hinds

                                                              Girl you gave yourself away. we ALL KNEW! You was supposed to be a totally different character, you gave away all the clues, you confirm who you were.

                                                              SaVona Crawford

                                                                You sound amazing I grew up thinking I was a cheetah girl and your voice was so powerful in that performance


                                                                  We love u flamingo


                                                                    I knew it

                                                                    Tonice Mon’a

                                                                      🦩 🦩🦩🦩

                                                                      MiKayla Faith

                                                                        From the first promo I knew it was you ! You have one of my favorite voices of all time 💛💛💛

                                                                        Jessica Private

                                                                          I’ve been hiding under a rock. I didn’t know ab this show but now I’m gonna go watch it!
                                                                          P.s. I’ve always liked your voice. Excited to see what projects u get into


                                                                            if it helps i was a dumbass and thought the flamingo was becky g😂 and i had no idea it was you bc i didn't know you had a youtube channel😂 or liza koshy that was also a guess i had i'm not a good guesser😂

                                                                            Stephani Marie

                                                                              Both my mom and I knew it was you the whole time!! Not only did I recognize your voice from growing up with The Cheetah Girls but I also recognized some of your dancing and your mannerisms and funny enough that's where my mom recognized it from as well!!

                                                                              Vanessa Z

                                                                                Never enough was an amazing performance!!!!!

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