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      Young Bride Wants a Wedding Dress That Makes Her Feel More Grown Up | Say Yes To The Dress UK

      Ellie wants a sophisticated fishtail wedding dress that will make her look more mature, but mum wants to see her little girl in a princess gown. Catch Say Yes to …

      H Khan

        I don't think it's wrong if the person who gave birth to you bought you up and dreamt of seeing you walking down the isle has an opinion a vision of what you should wear on your wedding day. At the end of the day it's your wedding and you should wear what you want but there's nothing wrong with keeping your mum happy and coming to some sort of understanding it doesn't make you less of a person

        AJ •

          Maybe wait a couple years if she’s so insecure about being 19


            I know we all have our own timelines but damn I'm 21 and I don't know what to do with my life

            Candy S

              She doesn't look 19

              Lama 2018

                صار فستان أمها

                Grace Josephine

                  She’s my age and getting married 🤔🤔🤔 I’m a little shook

                  Inchcape Rock

                    why do i watch this

                    Dan The Tall Lesbian

                      She's so cute

                      Smileyrie James

                        The bodice really suits her, but the dress does look huge on her. But at least she chose a dress that made her feel beautiful, instead of just one that made her feel older. She’s got a lifetime to feel older, she should enjoy the pretty dress

                        Samaya Perez

                          my grandma got married at 17

                          Book Bag

                            Looking older will not make people respect you or your marriage more. That just shows how young, inexperience and mature you are by having that way of thought. I think it is better to have a degree, have your own place and pay your own bills before getting married. That independence will forever benefit you.

                            Smileyrie James

                              Why is it always princess or mermaid? There are loads of other silhouettes & A-line is a great compromise between the ballgown & fitted dress, yet hardly any consultants pull them for the bride


                                I actually don't like ANY of the dresses on her – I don't feel any are HER, some are too mature and some too young 🙂

                                Ash Aya

                                  I would have sworn she was at least 25 😱

                                  Ida HB

                                    I’m 19 and I can’t even begin to imagine getting married to my boyfriend right now

                                    Hayfa Mess

                                      Wow she's getting married at 19 !! Even she looks more than her actual age but she doesn't have unfortunately confidence in herself and her personality is shaky..even her taste about the wedding dresses specially the second one is wrong cause she just want to look older !! it's not about looking older it's about looking gorgeous and flawless..i don't think she's ready for marriage..

                                      Its’ Elliee TV.

                                        5:37 that dress is beautiful ❤️


                                          Did anyone else absolutely HATE that ballgown? I mean what even is that skirt it looks unfinished? And she's got such nice shoulders but those big chunky straps are hiding them.
                                          The second dress was much better.


                                            I'm sure she will choose another dress to get married

                                            larrencejoy barredo

                                              Too young.. Gosh im 26.

                                              Jen M

                                                I don't know WHY I watch these! I end up screaming at the screen….." but its NOT your wedding!!!!!" I'm a mother too and I have NO vision of what my kids will get married in, if they'll get married or even have kids. Its not my place to tell my ADULT kids what I WANT THEM TO DO! If they ask for advice or opinion ill give it but I'm HAPPY if THEY ARE HAPPY! #selfishmums

                                                sammi bouman

                                                  My opinion; that was the worst dress she tried on! Totally swallowed her up. Mom's shouldn't push their dreams on the their daughters but respect what they want!

                                                  Robbie Gabito

                                                    Wtf how is she only 19, she has to be atleast 30

                                                    LipstickFever Inc

                                                      Like the other dress better

                                                      N H

                                                        The editing is off lol

                                                        JITHA MM

                                                          Poor girl

                                                          sunita karole

                                                            Thats why 19 yo are said to be young. Mom knows better darling😘😘

                                                            C B

                                                              She looks much older than 19.


                                                                Her mom has better taste than her!! I like the dress her mom choose ❤️

                                                                Bryle Mendoza

                                                                  Am I the only one confused of what will look good on her figure that's also quite fit for her age?

                                                                  Farah Arzoo

                                                                    So nice and gentle and kind girl

                                                                    S Bradley

                                                                      The people who are concerned about her getting married at 19 are exactly what is making this poor woman feel so insecure and wanting to look older, it's not your business.
                                                                      I was married at 24 and my SIL was married at 30, we both had ball gowns so I personally don't feel they look young or immature. My advice to any bride reading this would be to try every style before you rule something out.

                                                                      Anusha Amer

                                                                        I see it. I like it. I want it. I buy it

                                                                        spoly 813

                                                                          It's funny how she wants to look older when the rest of us want to look younger. She'll laugh one day looking back when she is old and wrinkled and wishes she looked younger!

                                                                          Audrija Pal

                                                                            2:47? Anyone gonna talk about that?

                                                                            Michelle Boldan

                                                                              Ok so all 3 are terrible

                                                                              Fiona Me

                                                                                I was married at 19 and my Mother's opinion was very important to me. It was a big step in my life and her support was invaluable if not frustrating at times. She passed away not long after my wedding and I miss the times we had together. This just brought back fond memories.
                                                                                And the dress looks amazing!

                                                                                Macaela Tice-Loma

                                                                                  elly was right about the ballroom gowns they swallow her up and made her look really huge when shes very slim looking. the fishtail gown made her look older and it was stunning on her 🙂

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