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      YOUR NEW FAV WINTER NAILS!!! Lights Lacquer Gem Collection | Swatches + Chit Chat

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video all about my new Winter Collection! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo GET THEM HERE: …

      Ivona Dumanova

        Your hair is perfeeeect❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍


          Kathleen will you ever ship to Cyprus? I love these nail polishes so muchhhhhhhhhhh


            holographic collection?? Please collab with Cristine from SimplyNailLogical and her brand Holo Taco!!!!

            Jessica Weber

              Please make a gel polish collection for us girls who hate regular polish 🙏🏻🙌🏻

              Amber McCormack

                My 16 month old daughter's name is Ruby. I think I need the Ruby nail polish!! It is beautiful! ❤️❤️

                Claudia Stavole

                  I LOVE emerald 😍

                  Marta González

                    I'd so love that Lights Lacquer shipped to Europe T.T I'm in LOVE with Jefa!

                    v L

                      I am scared of buying more KL polish since the last polish has not arrived and I ordered it Nov 28! I live in Miami & I assume all these polishes ARE in Miami so how does it take 2 weeks to get to my house??! Plus shipping isn't even free so the wait is ridiculous. Also, shipping says "arrive in 2 days" yeah sure! 14+ day wait..NOT 2 day wait

                      Tatiana Arce

                        I'm a nursing student and I need to wear a "close to nothing" nail polish, please come out with something nude to the eye but with a little flair


                          Love the makeup look and of course the nail lacquers!! 😍
                          Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

                          The hammah

                            Gels please!


                              amethyst looks like the nail polish version of Selena’s infamous jumpsuit 😍

                              Ashley Tee

                                …”and then… and then…and then… it doesn’t stop. And then you’re 100.”

                                Well, THAT took a turn. 🤣

                                יעל ברגר

                                  So beautiful.
                                  Why won't you ship to Israel? 💔

                                  Cristal Arebalo

                                    But why is shipping SOOOO MUCH?? $8?! 😭

                                    Accused of Lipsticking

                                      I can't stress enough how upset I am that I can't get the nail polishes because you don't ship to switzerland😭😭😭 i looove every freaking shade! I would literally buy every collection as I did with KL Polish (at least while you shipped to switzerland…)😢

                                      tania gonzalez

                                        LOVE THE POLISHES!!! Maybe in the future you could open a nail salon with all your polishes!

                                        Laura Castro

                                          Yes, yes, yes… when 👏can👏 I 👏buy another 👏Cornelious?👏

                                          AshleyNaLanii XOXOX

                                            My mother in law is ruby

                                            Marianne Alfaro

                                              Omg I looove this whole collection!

                                              Melissa Gutierrez

                                                dammit kathleen my wallet isnt readyyyy these are beautiful shades tho!! congrats!


                                                  I absolutely LOVE this collection! Requested my son to gift the bundle for Christmas!


                                                    My lil sissss is named ruby

                                                    Jaine Yu Hilliard

                                                      Oh gosh, I want all of them, again.

                                                      Ysa Chavez

                                                        Aw no the Holiday reference?

                                                        Julie Lachner

                                                          Shoutout to dat BLUE TAPE! Sup, blue. Also I bought the CRAP out of this collection because I trust.

                                                          Mia Danger

                                                            I snagged the shades you mentioned as your top 3 and am feeling even better about that now.

                                                            Marcella Hicks

                                                              PLEASE REVIEW BECKY G'S COLAB WITH COLOURPOP !

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