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    Freddy My Love
      ZARA Spring try on haul ~ Spring Fashion Edit ~ Freddy My Love

      IT’S SPRING HAUL WEEK! Today is my one true love ZARA! Clothes linked below! *affiliate links used, and some items were either gifted or bought with a …

      Dandelion Nades

        Are u a princess?

        Bianca Anders


          Syahidah Abidin

            I agree with the 9:00 dress that you should cut it out and just use the skirt.

            Fia Kumala

              I’ve been waiting for zara

              Madeleine Larsen

                wow, that dress really accentuate your hair and skin color!

                Maartje Verspaget

                  I often hear you talk about the fabric that it is Nice or not. But I actually don’t really know which kind of fabric to ‘avoid’ or go for if i want to have Some Nice pieces. Does anyone have Some tips?


                    12:53 YAAAS sing queen 😍

                    Tin Bernas

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                      Uniquely Madison

                        That voice at 7:07 was SO CUTE!!!! I totally didn't see it coming!

                        Gatuaj me Mua

                          Help me with a subscribe please

                          Bianca Anders

                            love these sooo much ur haul weeks are iconic!! xx

                            Raluca Petrescu

                              Wonderful haul!!! You have an incredible voice!!!

                              R Janai

                                I am obsessed with that floral Zimmerman inspired shirt😍😍😍

                                Mary Ann Olson

                                  Honestly so impressed with Freddy's American accent I was dead and I love it when she sings- real-life princess always


                                    The style of the first skirt reminds me so much of something that Blair would wear in the early series of GG

                                    Cath Vite

                                      I think if you add a cute belt with a big buckle on the white dress it will look super nice

                                      Pam P.

                                        Yess I purchased the same cardigan. I liked the black one that they had in 2019 but the fit was too awkward. This color is also more versatile for all seasons

                                        Denisa Dellinger

                                          My very favorite piece is the little pink tie shirt. I can see that with a white crinoline skirt. All girly.

                                          Jan Gellert

                                            You look hot in this satin outfit

                                            Jan Gellert

                                              The outfit is super.if it have had Bin in Black or blue That just me

                                              LJosselyn Doughty

                                                Freddy: Dresses all girly with skirts, dresses, etc.
                                                Me: Wears dude t-shirts, shorts, and hats (tomboy)


                                                  Love Zara! Everything looks so amazing on you. <3 Stay healthy and safe, lots of love <3

                                                  Sarah Attrup

                                                    Damn you Zara and damn you Freddy! These things were way too nice!😯 I literally just dropped way too much money on a Burberry trench last night and was supposed to not spend any more money this month, but that's out the window now, because I NEED that bag and the brown dress and the cardigan! But honestly, what else is there to do right now than shop and dream of a future where you can wear nice things out 🤷🏼‍♀️♥️

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