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      HOROSCOPE Makeup Challenge! | NikkieTutorials

      PISCES GET IN FORMATION! It was my birthday yesterday, and every time I mention my birthday, people go: “YOU’RE A PISCES!!!”. In today’s video, I dig into …


        WHAT SIGN ARE YOU???

        Lindsey Vasquez

          Sun: Virgo
          moon: Aries
          rising: Libra
          What does this mean?? And idk if I did this right

          Tova Skogström

            My sterrenbeeld is Capricorn 💫 I don’t know anything about it but the few things I’ve read is mostly not really me… apparently I’m Sun: Capricorn, Moon: Taurus. Rising: Libra ✌🏽

            Xheng Pearl

              Wohoo Sagittaruis here😍

              Xheng Pearl

                hi Nikkie.. Fan here From the philippines.😍

                Megan C

                  Sun: Taurus
                  Rising: Aries
                  Moon: Pisces


                    Dat kroontje staat je echt prachtig!

                    LITTLE ENBY FOX Blep

                      My ma is a Pisces! She was born 4th of March. I’m an Aries and we always butt heads 😂


                        Sun: cancer
                        Rising: scorpio
                        Moom: gemini

                        Idk what that means lol someome pls explain to me


                          Pisces APPROVED 🤗💕

                          Playwright 82

                            All I know is I'm an Aries. I don't feel like I fit my sterrenbeeld at all.

                            After a bit of research I found out my sun, moon, and rising signs.
                            Sun: Aries
                            Moon: Virgo
                            Rising: Virgo

                            Jocelyn Hernandez

                              DO YOUR MOON!! SCORPIO POWER♏️🖤!

                              Beate Fossheim

                                I see you got “hello pretty” from makeup mekka! Can you do a full face with them??😍😍😍

                                HOT SWAGGER

                                  Sun: aries
                                  Moon: cancer
                                  Rising: scorpio

                                  Comrade Sym

                                    OMG YESSSS My B-Day is the 4th! HBD!

                                    Katrina Acosta

                                      Awww nikkie you radiant sidereal aquarius energy if you look up 🔭 or download a astronomy app the sun is under the Aquarius constellation 🌐 mainstream tropical astrology is 24° off and mainly for agriculture reasons if you degrees are over 24 then your sun moon and rising + other placements may actually have been under that constellation I’m sure you look up aquarius sun you’ll resonate heavy

                                      Lucy Lang

                                        I’m a Virgo

                                        Kenzie Beck

                                          ooo i’m an aquarius sun, scorpio moon, and leo rising :))

                                          Jeska Bruce

                                            Aquarius – Leo – Aquarius


                                              Sun: Taurus
                                              Moon: Leo
                                              Rising: Taurus

                                              idek what this means tbh
                                              ALSO YOU LOOK SO BOMB


                                                Happy belated b-day from a fellow Pisces!! ☺🐠🐠😆😘

                                                ashlyn hendon

                                                  Sun: Pisces
                                                  Moon: Cancer
                                                  Rising: Libra

                                                  Hannah Heaton

                                                    Oh my god we have the same birthday!😁😁

                                                    Melissa LuvsPlease

                                                      LEAP YEAR BABY HERE AND A PISCES!!!
                                                      Just had a real birthday!!

                                                      lexie kait

                                                        Did anyone else miss her saying “it’s time to Optimus prime” 😭😞

                                                        Kirsten Martin

                                                          we have the same birthday! except i just turned 30

                                                          Chelsea Elizabeth

                                                            Pisces gang ♓

                                                            puppy love 101

                                                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY IM A TAURUS ♉️

                                                              jack v

                                                                Sun: Leo
                                                                Moon: Taurus
                                                                Rising: Gemini

                                                                jack v

                                                                  is it really a nikkie video if she doesn't put on gloss?

                                                                  Jamie Bettis

                                                                    Girl just do all the signs! I need this series in my life

                                                                    Gabbi Lee

                                                                      my sterrenbeeld is also pisces! my bday is february 21 🙂

                                                                      Austin Monroe

                                                                        Sun: Aquarius
                                                                        Moon: Aquarius
                                                                        Ascending: Libra 🌸

                                                                        Mariah Jane

                                                                          I’ve studied astrology for many years now and the best advice I’ve found is this.
                                                                          Some of the interpretations will be contradictory, just as people are contradictory. A person can be timid in love and aggressive in business, for example. As well, we evolve and grow throughout our lives, facing challenges that help us to handle our positions and aspects in a different way. We all have choices, and one of the major benefits of astrology is the chance to understand ourselves so that we can work with our natal charts and improve ourselves. Any computerized report that interprets the individual placements in a natal chart is somewhat disjointed, simply because the different parts that make up the whole are not synthesized.

                                                                          Sienna Thatcher

                                                                            Why in the heck have you not made a video with the people from Glow Up?????????????????

                                                                            Amanda Lopez

                                                                              ahhh my bday was yesterday!! I love being a pisces
                                                                              Sun: Pisces
                                                                              Moon: Capricorn
                                                                              Rising: Taurus

                                                                              Frances Wills

                                                                                My birthday is March 2nd! Although I turned 42, whoa!

                                                                                Meghan Komara

                                                                                  Please do a series of this with your moon and rising signs!! I’m a cancer ♋️

                                                                                  nic medina


                                                                                    Lady BLAKHART

                                                                                      Happy Belated Birthday, Miss. Pisces Sterrenbeeld… I had an idea for a makeup "challenge" for you to try. I was looking at pictures of foxes and the Cross Fox stood out to me. You should check out pics of it. I bet you could create an awesome inspired look.

                                                                                      Juliana Pepple

                                                                                        GIRL WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY OML I J TURNED 20

                                                                                        Xiomara Velasco

                                                                                          I missed that pounding that the Beauty Blender did😂💞

                                                                                          Mabu Rabelo

                                                                                            On March 4th (yesterday) I made 25!!

                                                                                            Yvette Carrillo

                                                                                              Virgo ♍️

                                                                                              Ashley Mehaffey

                                                                                                Pisces!! Such a pretty mermaid look 🤩

                                                                                                Julia Masishin

                                                                                                  Sun- Libra
                                                                                                  Moon- Virgo
                                                                                                  Rising- sagittarius

                                                                                                  Ezequiel Aguilar

                                                                                                    Why the number 27 ??

                                                                                                    Elariana Sky

                                                                                                      Sun: Cancer
                                                                                                      Moon: Pisces
                                                                                                      Rising: Cancer
                                                                                                      In conclusion: I am e m o t i o n a l at all times

                                                                                                      Michelle Calhoun

                                                                                                        Scorpio ♏️

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